The Clam will award on April 29 the award for a social project that works for the integration of children through music
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The Vozes project of the Musicians for Peace and Integration Association has been recognized with the Pere Casaldàliga Award for Solidarity 2018, as announced this morning by the organization of the International Social Film Festival of Catalonia (CLAM) and promoter of this award. It will be delivered on Sunday, April 29, at 12 noon, in the Auditorium Agustín Soler and Mas de Navarcles. It will receive the prize from the Catalan journalist Mónica Terribas, in an act that foresees a small concert in charge of almost a hundred young people and children of the awarded entity.

The jury of the prize, after evaluating several candidacies, has decided to award this award to Vozes “for his work promoting the integration of children and young people through music education in the different districts of the city of Barcelona”. The organization has taken into account the work that since 2004 is being developed with young people and children with difficulties of access to culture, through free musical training. For CLAM, this project “perfectly responds to the message and the vital attitude that guides the work of Bishop Pere Casaldàliga and, therefore, makes it worthy of the prize that bears his name in this 15th edition”.

Vozes is a school of life for more than 500 young people and children
Vozes is a music-social project that since 2004 works to bring music and art to children and adolescents in neighborhoods with difficulty accessing culture, through free musical training, and the transfer of instruments to beneficiaries . Founded by Pablo González, outstanding student of the System of Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, year after year Vozes has been growing until nowadays with a small organizational structure and with an important weight of volunteering, but stable.

Vozes has different artistic formations that are consolidating: three symphonic orchestras, three choirs, a guitar orchestra, a batucada and small chamber groups. We work from collective learning. Children and adolescents access through any of the 14 Voces Spaces, generally public (schools, institutes, civic centers), where diverse musical activities are carried out and once the child or adolescent begins through choral singing, for later access, if you wish, to the formation of an instrument that you will choose, whenever possible, and be part of one of the artistic formations that the project has if you wish.

Currently in Barcelona Vozes provides training to more than 500 children and adolescents in the districts of Nou Barris, San Martín and San Andrés, neighborhoods such as Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona, Trinitat Nova, Besòs Maresme, La Paz, Buen Pastor, Trinitat Vella. More than sixty concerts are scheduled every year, through which motivation and love for music are achieved in order to increase self-esteem, responsibility, commitment, discipline, solidarity, central axes that young musicians work with. through this project.

The entity develops its activity from the different spaces, committed to enhance the feeling of belonging to the neighborhood where they are located, and at the same time create links with the associative fabrics, through the participation of artistic formations in neighborhood parties, associations of merchants, neighborhood associations, entities, districts.

Vozes works every day for social transformation, the dry task “is like an oasis in the middle of a desert”. According to this association “Oasis is the power of social transformation that we offer with the work every day hundreds of small, medium and large entities, and the desert we have to interpret it as the opportunity to provoke changes in society, we are convinced that from our small contribution, we are getting it “.

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  • Al Director Pablo Gonzales y quienes trabajan juntos para formar a quienes nos deleitan ya desde hace más de una década con su música, mis felicitaciones y gratitud por mantener vivo el arte y elevarlo a su máxima potencia!!!
    Gracias voz es! !!


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