VOZES is formed by a large team of professionals both national and international who work during the whole year through the VOZES Spaces as well as though the Orchestras and Choirs. We have several international cathedras where our kids periodically receive visits from a teacher who helps them to improve their level. Volunteering is the cornerstone of the VOZES project.

At the same time, we count with the collaboration of professionals coming from the SGAE, with whom VOCES has signed an agreement and both Barcelona and Madrid can count on their collaboration at different spaces.


Pablo González

Founder of the VOZES project, President of the AMPI and director of the VOCES´ International Symphonic Orchestra

Venezuelan violoncello player and director Pablo Gonzalez Martinez decided to create and lead a social Project in the year two thousand and four which today offers access to art and culture by means of free of charge musical instruction for more than 500 children and teenagers through the VOZES project. The project hosts a structure of national and international symphonic orchestras, choirs, batucadas…

Susana Serrano

Managing Director and helper wherever there is the need for it

She has an experience of more than 15 years managing small, medium size and large projects. She is specialised in managing knowledge, marketing and business development. She is also a melomaniac apprentice who collaborates on the consolidation and sustainable growth of VOZES, intoxicated by the illusion for the human and social size of the project.

Ismael González

Double Bass teacher. Director of the Children Symphonic Orchestra and of the Gent Gran Choir

He started his musical instruction working as a volunteer at the start of the VOZES project while studying Jazz and Modern Music, specialising in electric bass guitar, at the Town Music School of Badalona. Nowadays he continues his studies receiving double bass and singing lessons at the City Music Conservatory of Barcelona and also Orchestra direction lessons.

David Raya

Guitar teacher. Director of the VOZES Children Symphonic Orchestra.

With an experience of seven years training little great musicians at VOZES, he considers this profession as a vocational path where the rigorous teaching and social character of the project hold hands. His passion for piano and guitar, for directing orchestras as well as for teaching and for deepening his skills as an instrument maker, make this occupation more than a job, it is a way to get to know oneself while you share the road with the rest, learning from one another.

Eva Pacheco

Clarinet teacher

An oboe lover, all her expression needs have been always guided by the melancholic sound of this instrument. Woman, oboe player and musician in constant expansion, her greater stimulus nowadays is to transmit her knowledge and her love for this instrument and for music in general to kids who share the same need, and at the same time to keep on being part of the sound world which we can only become part of through music.

Mercedes Lowera

Choral and keyboard instructor

Rakel Martín

Batucada teacher

Andrés Franco

Batucada teacher

Mercedes Lowera

Choir singing and keyboard teacher


Nathalie Smirnoff

Person in charge of the violin cathedra

Regulo Sarmiento

Musical language teacher. Orchestra direction instructor.

Julio Rangel

Fagot teacher

Pedro Camba

Clarinet teacher.

Juan Rodríguez

Violoncello teacher

Jorge Abreu

Violin teacher

Alissandra Bondi

Viola teacher

Neus Carles

Violin teacher


Violin teacher

International Cathedras

Francesca Canali

Person in charge of the transverse flute cathedra

Salvatore Barile

Person in charge of the wind instruments cathedra

Ma Alejandra Peña

Violin teacher

Yordano Nuñez


José David Fuenmayor

Viola teacher