VOZES is a school of life for more than 500 children in Barcelona, in the Nou barris, Sant Andreu ans Besòs districts, and since the end of 2015 also in Madrid, in Vallecas and Carabanchel.

Born in 2005, VOZES is a music-social project that works with children and teenagers who cannot access musical practice, and through it, we offered them an opportunity to wholly integrate themselves socially, without renouncing to the quality and the engagement that this type of practice requires.

Inspired by the Venezuelan national system of children and youth orchestras and choirs, the VOZES project is led by Pablo Gonzalez, and advantaged student of this system. During its beginnings, the project worked through a children choir, but throughout the years, VOZES has created a structure of different formats of symphonic orchestras, choirs and batucadas.

VOZES offers access to musical training and instruments for free to kids from 3 years old onwards without an age limit, through 16 VOZES´ spaces, among them state schools, high schools, social centres and neighbourhood associations… The work is done using music as the main channel for social and intellectual improvement, obtaining results on children and teenagers beyond those purely musical (improvements in personal competences, school performance, family life quality…).

During the last years, VOZES has grown due to the demand for a free of charge activity, otherwise it would be impossible that children and young people had access to a artistic-musical activity.

The key of the methodology lies in immersing the children in advanced orchestras during the initial stages of their learning process, thus combining individual and group instrument lessons, with the incursion in the first orchestra. This truly accelerates the children´s learning and generates a motivation to learn and to reach the level of the “big ones”.


VOZES offers opportunity. Music awakens a particular sensitivity which enables us to work with VALUES, and which gets translated into tangible results.

• Respect for life
• Citizenship
• Freedom
• Engagement and responsibility
• Involvement and constancy
• Honesty
• Effort and perseverance
• Equality
• Living together
• Solidarity

Vozes works to contribute to achieve social change though music

This work with values is having a positive impact on competence improvement. Though the years, VOZES has been analysing this reality together with some of the educative centres where it offers its activities, obtaining results beyond what was expected, particularly at the qualitative level:

• Improvement of the quality in family relations
• Increase in engagement and responsibility
• Improvement of the school performance
• Involvement and learning within the project