All children and teenagers deserve to have access to culture and art and to fulfil their rights, to have the opportunity to learn, to feel integrated in society and to have opportunities beyond having their primary needs being covered. We work to guaranty their access to beauty, to culture by means of what we know how to do, by means of music as a social transformational tool.

We have private donations from entities and companies as well as public ones, but in order to be able to move forwards, the support through donations is an excellent source of funding. We would like to have thousands of “VOZES’ FRIENDS”, every donation is important for us, from 5€ you choose to amount to donate, and if you prefer to make a onetime donation you can also do it. Come on and became a ¡¡VOZES’ FRIEND!!

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Instruments and infrastructure: each time we are receiving more requests asking for free of charge activities and proposals, so in order to answer all of these requests, we need more instruments and infrastructure, so we have to continue investing in it in a continuous manner.

Team: we count on a team of 22 professionals and volunteer students, some of them coming from different European countries. Despite of the fact that their work is voluntary, we cover their expenses, both the commuting for those who are here in Madrid and Barcelona as well as the basic needs and other daily expenses for those who come from outside. This makes your donation a great investment in a very efficient non profit organization.